This is a beautiful cashmere blend longline cardigan by our favourite - Luella. We love it!!! 💙

A stunning new shape, wrap yourself up in this Supersoft cardigan with beautiful sequin detail. Everyone should have one in their wardrobe! 

Gorgeous for all year round with jeans, dresses, shorts or a metallic pleated skirt and boots. 

One size fits 8-16

50% Cashmere 50% wool blend

Remember to buy a cashmere comb from us if you don’t have one x

Cashmere care…
At Luella our Cashmere/Wool Blend knitwear is manufactured with Italian yarn, which has a high percentage of cashmere blended with merino wool, and up to 10% synthetic fibre, which might be polyamide or the metallic lurex yarn that features in many of our styles. Our Italian yarns give a luxurious quality and feel, as well as a robustness and longevity that doesn’t always come with 100% cashmere. In order to ensure a perfect wear each time it’s important to take care of your garment.
We recommend washing Luella knitwear by hand using a detergent designed for cashmere, wool or delicate fabrics. Baby shampoo can be a great, gentle alternative. You can also launder your Luella knitwear on a hand wash cycle in the washing machine at no more than 30 degrees. For best results place the knitwear in a laundry net and don’t spin at more than 700rpm. Never wring your cashmere garment – lay it out flat on a towel and gently ease it into shape before rolling it up in the towel to squeeze out any excess water. Then lay it out flat on a drying rack or a clean towel.
Whichever method you choose to wash your cashmere it’s always a good idea to gently de-pill your garment before washing it. Cashmere and wool is always prone to pilling – this is nothing to do with the quality of the product, but more to do with wearing it! Pilling is a natural process caused when the fibres in the yarn rub against each other and form small balls. De-pilling your garment regularly will improve its appearance and maintain its longevity.

Cashmere Longline Navy Cardigan With Sequin Star Detail by Luella