Buying your son or daughter a soft and safe 1st doll is one of life's great pleasures. This adorable first boy doll and lovey is made by Kaloo. He is baby safe, starting at age 0+ months, but handsome enough to be a best buddy for toddler boys as well! A lovely gift for a new baby gift too.
For a newborn baby boy or toddler boy's doll here is what you should be looking for:
	Safety First. Look for dolls that are labeled Safe from Birth, Safe for all ages or 0+.
	Texture second. Babies first explore their world with their fingers, so look for descriptions that stress softness and /or multiple textures.
	Also, you want a doll that he'll still love at two years, three years or older. If a doll is too simplistic, he'll get bored with it.

Lucas is one of Kaloo's adorably charming 'Tenderness' line of dolls and just about the softest dolls we carry. 
	Lucas is a soft cloth doll with black hair, black eyes and an adorable sailor themed outfit.
	He is safe for all ages including newborns

My First Doll Lucas By Kaloo 25cm